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Lifting clamp

Besides of Crane and Hoisting equipment , ALLMAN INDUSTRY has a wide range of plate lifting clamps , including Horizontal lifting clamp , Vertical lifting clamp , Universal lifting clamp, drum clamp , round stock grabs , and specially made lifting clamp such as none- mark clamps for stainless steel , aluminum etc. Our lifting clamps are manufactured of the most modern and high resistant types of steel.

● Available for different demands in various working environment .
● Compact design and light weight , easy to use , safe for lifting .
● Special treatment of the cam and the pivot resulting in higher wear and tear resistance
● All clamps with CE-Mark and are individually tested with a safety factor of each clamp over 5 times the working load limit (WLL)
● Working load limit and the jaw opening are clearly marked in the body of the clamp
● All lifting clamps will be delivered with a manual and original test certificate .